Serendipity Collection @ Kara Cafe

Serendipity Collection @ Kara Cafe

If you have shopped from our Serendipity Collection, you would have noticed the lovely photos taken at none other than Kara Cafe.

We were so excited to have our lookbook photoshoot at none other than Kara Cafe!


Tucked along a cosy stretch of family-friendly shops and eateries on Bukit Timah for the past 7 years, Sogurt has metamorphosised into KARA Café & Dessert Bar. The new concept was developed and opened to the public on 20th May 2017. In addition to its popular self-served frozen yogurt that has become synonymous with the brand, the recently launched outlet offers an eclectic menu of hot food and healthy eats in line with its fresh direction.

Story behind KARA

Just as owner Lee Li Ping has blossomed into a more matured and experienced adult since she conceptualised Sogurt at a young age of 21, KARA is representative of her transition into a more sophisticated and chic phase.

Inspired by her personal experiences of the vibrant food and culture in Los Angeles while attending college there, the new dining concept seeks to draw a larger older crowd beyond her current loyal following of students from the neighbouring schools and mothers with children from the nearby residential estates.

Times are rapidly changing and it is important to keep up with the latest trends or be left behind. Customers are more health conscious and discerning in their tastes. They are more open to locally made artisanal products and willing to spend on quality and value. Branding plays a big role in defining one’s product offering and establishing presence in a crowded landscape. The change in direction is crucial for us to survive in a competitive industry, stay relevant and continue to engage our customers.

Lee Li Ping, Owner of KARA Café & Dessert Bar

KARA has a distinctive revamped food and dessert menu that offers hot savoury and cold sweet treats.
Li Ping worked with her kitchen crew to develop a menu that could be easily prepared by a 2-man junior chef team working within a limited café equipped kitchen. The food direction drew inspiration from her travels and favourite cafes around the world, particularly the city of LA with an eclectic mix of the many ethnic diversities in the city, such as Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Korean and American.


Now, before we tempt you with their appetising food pictures, let’s have a look at our lookbook outfits shall we? 🙂

First up, our popular Resa Pleats Romper makes a comeback in solid colors! Restocks are still ongoing so order yours now!

Embedded with lovely digital floral prints, this dress is a lovely additional to your otherwise neutral colored wardrobe.

Both colors are equally pretty,  we can’t decide between the 2!

This classic Highwaist embroidery skirt is next up on our list, its great for pairing and to show off those great legs!
Here we paired it with our Flutter Sleeve Blouse and Belle Sleeve Lace Top.

You can pair it with a tube top like our Augustine Frilly offshoulder top.

We can’t help but swoon over this easy breezy casual offshoulder dress!  Available in 2 colors, we also love the smocked accents along the sleeves.

Flaunt those shoulders in this Smocked Offshoulder Top with embroided sleeves.

The digital floral prints on this maxi dress are a real beauty! This is a keeper for those special events for sure.

Planning your next beach getaway? Then we have the perfect sexy back crochet beach dress for you! This backless flowy maxi will turn heads, you have been warned. 😉

Compliment your look with some classic Gold Loop Earrings.

Lookbook pictures by Nic Loh Photography @

And also our Fur Ball earrings! These trendy statement accessories can certainly spice up a simple outfit.

Back to what you can expect from Kara Cafe, which is crowded by lunch time, with a constant ongoing crowd all the way till evening,
The new casual “all-day dining” menu serves comfort food of hearty soups, savoury grain bowls, grilled cheese toasties, bite-sized snacks, and artisanal soft-serve desserts, including its signature self-served froyo bar, which now includes soft ice-cream flavours as well.

Now, let’s have the mouth-watering images spark a visit.

Their signature Pork Belly Miso is a must-try with its fork tender kakuni braised pork belly and soft egg. Dig into refreshingly robust grain bowls of fragrant garlic Japanese rice or fluffy quinoa salad combined with unusual flavours and textures for an explosion with every bite.One bowl will not be enough! It’s our favourite too!

Featured: French onion pastrami toastie

Vegetarians or going meatless for a meal is easy with the Truffle Shroom Pesto grilled toastie filled with mushrooms, drizzled with truffle sauce and gooey brie or the Coco Cashew Pomelo grain bowl topped with a house blended coconut curry, black tofu and kale chips. Non-vegetarians will be converted!

For diners with a healthier palate, KARA has a list of healthy eats that includes a variety of wholesome salads served with a house made dressing like its Super Salad, chockful of nutritious superfoods with a ‘super’ dressing and Thai Tofu Salad, a colourful blend of vegetables drizzled with fragrant peanut dressing. Other nourishing options include the Yogurt Granola Bowl and Acai Bowl. Eat without guilt!

The meal is not complete without the signature Sogurt soft-serve! Regulars can still look forward to classic household flavours like Original and Dark Chocolate while the more adventurous can try novel flavours.

For more indulgent hot desserts, KARA now has Cacao Mochi Waffle, a chewy yet crisp mochi waffle topped with a softie swirl, cacao nibs and warm chocolate sauce or Skillet PB Cookie, a peanut butter batter cookie baked in a skillet, crispy on the outside and chewy inside, topped with a softie swirl and gula melaka.

Pair your food with KARA’s healthy thirst-quenching drinks like the Sparkling Citrus loaded with vitamin C and Roselle Iced Tea full of antioxidants, or pick-me up smoothies like Strawberry Dream and Blueberry Buzz made in-house with fresh fruits, yogurt, milk and honey, all free from preservatives and artificial colouring.

There is a weekday set lunch special at $15++ that includes a homemade soup, main and drink.

What do you think? Give Kara Cafe a visit today!

About KARA

Newly revamped original Sogurt Bukit Timah flagship outlet, KARA Café & Dessert Bar is an upscale independent café serving Los Angeles-inspired “all-day dining” comfort food from hot savoury to cold sweet treats, along with healthy eats and its popular self-served frozen yogurt. KARA caters to a more sophisticated and adult crowd while still being casual and family friendly. The KARA concept and experience is a transformative mature reflection of the owner Li Ping and her distinctive personality and values, in its brand, space, food, and service.

Address:  617 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269718
Operating hours:  Daily – 10.30am to 10.30pm (Last order 10pm)
Telephone: +65 6468 8940
FB / TW / IG:@karacafesg #karacafesg

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